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How do I get my proposed name pre-approved?


If you're incorporating federally Industry Canada offers a no cost pre-approval service.

To get your proposed name pre-approved:

  1. Order a federally biased NUANS report.
  2. Fax a copy of the NUANS report (not more than 90 days old) along with a covering letter to Industry Canada - Corporations Canada indicating the activities of the proposed corporation, the expected clientele of the proposed corporation, the area served by the proposed corporation as well as information as to why you think there is little likelihood of confusion between your proposed corporation and the existing businesses shown on the report with similar names. Industry Canada's fax is 1-877-568-9922 (in Ottawa 941-5782)

Normally you will receive a name decision from Industry Canada in two or three business day. The examiner will outline any issues he or she has with the proposed name and you will have an opportunity to address any concerns raised.

If the name is acceptable to Industry Canada you will be give a client and request number to be used when incorporating.



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