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It's difficult to open a newspaper without reading horror stories about personal identity theft.

Not surprisingly, the same thing happens to a businesses, years spent building your company's reputation, relationships with vendors, and goodwill can evaporate in a flash.

Why? Many jurisdictions are, to be charitable, less than diligent when it comes to business name registrations and corporate name approvals. Inadvertently or otherwise another company can easily register a business name or incorporate using a name that may be identical in all material respects to or confusingly similar you yours.


NUANS reports are available for as low as $19.95 when ordered online.

NUANS reports are needed if you're incorporating in Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Ontario or Federally unless you're forming a numbered corporation. For more information click here.

Similarly, most Internet domains name registrars will issue practically any domain name that is not currently in use.

Companies also need to protect Internet  domain names that may include trademarks or company names. A booming business in the past few years has been to buy up multiple domains names and then auction them off to the highest bidder.

Even more disturbing is the practice of typo squatting whereby domain names containing common typographical errors are registered and forwarded to either a competitor's web site or, even worse, to a series of obnoxious (and often pornographic) pop up advertisements.

How can we help? We have devised a package, premised on the notion that it is far better to be proactive in protecting your name. It's difficult to enforce your rights if you don't know they're being infringed.

For a modest flat annual fee we will obtain and review a  NUANS report, for your company's name or registered trademark, four time a year. The reports will be evaluated and any observed conflicts will be reported to you - providing you and your lawyer with the information you need to protect your rights. We will also register up to four Internet domain names for you using variations of your company and /or existing domain name, including some of the more common typo-squatting variations. If you have an existing web site these domains will be pointed to your site. If you don't already have a presence on the Internet this can be a good way of reserving a suitable domain name.

The domain names will, to protect your privacy, be registered to CorpCanada but will be available for transfer to you any time upon request. Additional domain names may be registered at only $24.95 plus GSTper additional name registered.

Your  privacy is assured, we do not rent, sell or otherwise share our client list with any third parties.

For more information please call us at (613) 727-3845 or e-mail us at

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